Mamuthones & Issohadores: A Question of Identity

“The ritual is everlasting. Mamuthones and Issohadores are our pride and joy, they reflect our identity and express our deepest feelings.”

a Mamuthone

The mysterious traditional carnival masks are inseperable linked to Mamoiada.

Although the origins of Mamuthones and Issohadores have been lost over time, the rituals are very vital and can still be experienced during the ancient pagan Carnival. A unique and intangible heritage of Mamoiada and Sardinia.

The most emotional thing you can do in Mamoiada is to see Mamuthones & Issohadores perform during one of our festive events, such as the Bonfires of Sant’Antonio, Carnival, the Mamumask festival and Sas Tappas.

If you like to learn more about them, just visit our famous Mask Museum or meet one of the local artisans who are handcrafting the traditional Mamuthone masks from wood.