Enjoy Mamoiada!

Visit Mamoiada all year around. Here, the people still live following the cycle of seasons in a slow and resonant rhythm.


Explore the great range of things to see and do! Walk through the village visiting small crafts shops, wine cellars, museums and don’t miss the chance to meet local people and get to know their lives:

  • Visit the Museum of Mediterranean Masks
  • Visit wine cellars, walks in vinyards with Cannonau red wine tasting
  • Workshop: Pecorino cheese production with a shepherd
  • Dinner / cooking class in a local restaurant
  • Workshop: How a Mamuthone mask comes to life
  • The art of doing typical sweets and pastries
  • Visit the Museo della cultura e del lavoro about local traditions
  • Visit the archaeological sites in and around Mamoiada
  • Visit the Museo MATer about archaeology and territory

Stay also tuned for announcements regarding our annual festivities. We will keep you updated on our facebook page and in our blog “MyMamoiada”, right here at your fingertips.

We hope to see you soon in Mamoiada!