Welcome to Mamoiada – a unique travel destination at the heart of Sardinia

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»We really invite you to experience our community. Make Mamoiada your favorite place in Sardinia: my home is your home!«

With its tangible and intangible cultural heritage, Mamoiada is considered one of the most hospitable and authentic villages in Sardinia.

Get ready for some awesome and unique experiences! Masks and festivals, hospitality and culinary itineraries: Mamoiada offers unforgettable travel opportunities, off the beaten tourist paths, only 30 minutes away from the turquoise sea. Sometimes it’s even like taking a step back in time – but for all the good reasons.

Mamoiada is well located in the centre of Sardinia to provide an excellent starting point for excursions. The untouched countryside of the Nuoro region and its scenery is just outstanding.

Mamuthones & Issohadores: A Question of Identity

“The ritual is everlasting. Mamuthones and Issohadores are our pride and joy, they reflect our identity and express our deepest feelings.”

a Mamuthone

The mysterious traditional carnival masks are inseperable linked to Mamoiada.

Although the origins of Mamuthones and Issohadores have been lost over time, the rituals are very vital and can still be experienced during the ancient pagan Carnival. A unique and intangible heritage of Mamoiada and Sardinia.

The most emotional thing you can do in Mamoiada is to see Mamuthones & Issohadores perform during one of our festive events, such as the Bonfires of Sant’Antonio, Carnival, the Mamumask festival and Sas Tappas.

If you like to learn more about them, just visit our famous Mask Museum or meet one of the local artisans who are handcrafting the traditional Mamuthone masks from wood.

Cannonau: red wine with a lot of character

In Mamoiada, the quality of the wine has always depended on the land. Every small vineyard has its own characteristics, and thus every wine tells a different story of its own.

Wine is our tradition. It really is, since many centuries, and neither work nor land haven’t changed that much. We’re fine with that.

More than 20 small and medium sized winerys are currently in Mamoiada, producing pure or blended Cannonau, and some other autoctonal wines, like the Granazza. Everyone is extremely proud of his work (or hers – we have also women making wine in Mamoiada).

They all will be happy to welcome you: Just give them a call and tour their “cantina”, the wine cellar. During a winetasting in the vineyards you will also enjoy the beauty of the nature and the landscape. And you should definitely take some bottles home to delight friends and family!

A culinary heaven on earth – in Mamoiada!

“Food in Sardinia is rich of genuine and fine products; It’s like culinary heaven on earth.”

Mamoiada will always make you feel welcome and at home. More than that it will provides quality products with a high level of service. Wine & food are real treats in Mamoiada: Sas Cascheddas, typical artistic sweets made for Sant’Antonio, Pane Vrattau, a simple yet wonderful sheperd’s dish in the Barbagia region. Not to forget the Pecorino sheep cheese, roasted lamb or suckling pig. And so much more!

There are homelike restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Sardinian dishes made of genuine ingredients and with lots of love and passion.

For all who work with the land, its products and its animals, it’s just wonderful to see their own work yield fruit and last but not least being appreciated by guests and habitants.

You will surely taste the difference of Cannonau, Pecorino, pasta or traditional sweets – homemade, made in Mamoiada.

Enjoy Mamoiada!

Visit Mamoiada all year around. Here, the people still live following the cycle of seasons in a slow and resonant rhythm.


Explore the great range of things to see and do! Walk through the village visiting small crafts shops, wine cellars, museums and don’t miss the chance to meet local people and get to know their lives:

  • Visit the Museum of Mediterranean Masks
  • Visit wine cellars, walks in vinyards with Cannonau red wine tasting
  • Workshop: Pecorino cheese production with a shepherd
  • Dinner / cooking class in a local restaurant
  • Workshop: How a Mamuthone mask comes to life
  • The art of doing typical sweets and pastries
  • Visit the Museo della cultura e del lavoro about local traditions
  • Visit the archaeological sites in and around Mamoiada
  • Visit the Museo MATer about archaeology and territory

Stay also tuned for announcements regarding our annual festivities. We will keep you updated on our facebook page and in our blog “MyMamoiada”, right here at your fingertips.

We hope to see you soon in Mamoiada!

Traditional Events & Festivals in Mamoiada

»In Mamoiada we always use to sleep tomorrow …«

Mattia, a young inhabitant (and traditional shepherd) of Mamoiada

When it comes to celebrations, Mamoiada has few rivals in Sardinia. All year round we’re celebrating our traditions, our heritage and culture – and you are most warmly invited!

If you want to get really close to the people of Mamoiada, we strongly recommend you join us in celebrating Sant’Antonio. It’s just outstanding, with wine flowing freely …

But any festival is a good moment to enjoy Mamoiada and its excellences. Without a doubt you will love our traditional events & festivals:

  • 16. / 17. January: Bonfires of Sant’Antonio and “Sa Prima Essida”, the first appearance of the Mamuthones & Issohadores
  • February or March: Traditional Carnival
  • June: Archeomusicando – Music & Archaeology Festival – www.archeomusicando.it
  • June: MaMuMask – Festival of Masks – www.mamumask.org
  • End of September to mid October: “Vendemmia” – Vintage (grape harvesting)
  • November: Sas Tappas – itinerary of crafts and art food, wine and local traditions

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