A culinary heaven on earth – in Mamoiada!

“Food in Sardinia is rich of genuine and fine products; It’s like culinary heaven on earth.”

Mamoiada will always make you feel welcome and at home. More than that it will provides quality products with a high level of service. Wine & food are real treats in Mamoiada: Sas Cascheddas, typical artistic sweets made for Sant’Antonio, Pane Vrattau, a simple yet wonderful sheperd’s dish in the Barbagia region. Not to forget the Pecorino sheep cheese, roasted lamb or suckling pig. And so much more!

There are homelike restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Sardinian dishes made of genuine ingredients and with lots of love and passion.

For all who work with the land, its products and its animals, it’s just wonderful to see their own work yield fruit and last but not least being appreciated by guests and habitants.

You will surely taste the difference of Cannonau, Pecorino, pasta or traditional sweets – homemade, made in Mamoiada.